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P. J. Industries

About Us

As a manufacturer of durable High Speed Steel Standard cutting tools for over 30 years, established by "S.Piara Singh Karwal", P.J. Industries Company has attained a world-wide reputation. PJ combines cutting edge technology with True craftsmanship to produce finest cutting and broaches.

The PJ Brand name is recognized for fine workman ship, superior quality and reliable cost saving performance in industries such as motor parts, scooter parts, systems, electronics, farm equipments, plastics, commercial applications, automotive, ammunition, communication, and various OEM's in India and overseas.

It is a promise and commitment to provide the finest quality products & services availing in the Cutting tool industry. We are constantly developing better ways to design, manufacture & deliver our products & most importantly, a better way to serve our customer. Further it is equipped with CNC quality equipment of world famous brands. It is also equipped with higher accuracy CNC controlled DRO profile projectors to achieve perfection down to microns. For designing purposes we uses higher end CAD CAM solutions & softwares.